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About Us

Our Professional Detailing Journey

When I got my first car it was dirty and dull. As a teenager I wanted to have the coolest car around. To be honest I became obsessed, watching videos and reading forums learning all about professional car detailing. After becoming properly educated I spent even more time looking for the best products and equipment. After that I got to work and began my detailing journey eventually mastering the craft and restoring my car to what I knew in my mind it could have always been.

How it became like this

The goal at Automotive Aptitude is to provide the best quality detailing experience possible. We spend hours researching different techniques and equipment to provide higher-quality services. We offer top-notch work by working with you to make sure your car is best-taken care of. When you step out and know your car is clean and protected that is the peace of mind that we eagerly wish to provide.

Unlike a lot of others, we understand the importance of professional car detailing and treat every car like our own. We take pride in making sure our clients have something to be very proud of once we are done.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to elevate car care, our vision is to set new standards in the industry, and our core values of quality, integrity, and innovation guide every decision we make.

Our Offer to You

At Automotive Aptitude we always work with integrity, workmanship, and respect. We offer high-quality services to all who allow us to work with them. If you decide to work with us we promise to work our best to help accomplish your goals. Choose us as your detailer and we promise to do our best for you!

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Are We The Right Fit?

For many, our prices may deter them, As professional car detailers we go into every aspect of the detail to make sure that the job is perfect. If you’re looking for a cheap option then we are not it. We focus on the utmost quality, customer service, and client satisfaction in all areas of our work. If your concern is a quick and poorly done job then we are not the right choice.

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Profesional Car detailing

What Inspires Us

For as long as I can remember I have always loved taking care of things with cars that is no different. When I can just turn on music and get to work and lock keeps me going. Then when I see someone see their car with new life and years taken off I understand why I do it all.

The Professional detailing industry has a lot of important people. Through these people that allow us to learn and gain more insight that is what allows us to work at our best.

Professional Car Detailing Matched With
Great Communication

Through Professional Car detailing and great client communication, our services are the best way to go when you want to make sure your car is in the right hands.  We work every day to make sure our clients are satisfied with quality work and quality communication.

Meet Me

Jaycen Smith

Master  Detailer