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Exterior Detail

Professional Car cleaning

The best thing about detailing is the detail and quality of work. With that being said Automotive Aptitude has a process of Professional Car cleaning. Oftentimes most car washes may do more damage than car cleaning. Car washes are not as detailed as our professional car cleaning service. As professionals, we take care of our client’s cars as if they’re our own because they deserve the best.  Automotive Aptitude is the way to go over any “Car Wash” or other forms of car care.


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The Difference

Your Car Cleaning Professionals

     Automotive Aptitude has trained professionals with years of experience. This experience paired with a passion and love for car care creates a perfect blend to take care of your car. When your car gets serviced by us we take care of it as if it is our own. Most people think of car cleaning as a chore but once our work is all done and said your car will be a prideful possession.


Protect Your Investment

Oftentimes your car is one of your most expensive assets and it is worth protection and love. Automotive Aptitude has all of the equipment and know-how to take perfect care of your car. Whether it is Ceramic Coatings or a basic detail, any service we provide will give you value and longevity to your car-owning experience.


Wheels And Tires

    When cleaning a car it is important to clean the wheels first. This is because the wheels are the dirtiest part of a car and it will be much easier to keep a clean workspace. 

    We start with a thorough rinse to dislodge all of the loose dirt. Next up we load our foam cannon and spray down our dedicated wheel-cleaning foam to release the dirt. We then spray down the wheel wells to remove the dirt lodged in the fender wells. Next up we scrub down the tire while spraying it down with an additional degreaser to remove as much dirt as possible.  We continue by cleaning the face of the wheel with a brush or microfiber wash mitt depending on the finish of the wheel. Next up we clean the inner barrels of the wheel and rinse all the dirt away.

Paint Cleaning

The Technique

    After the wheels, our next step is to tackle the exterior paint. Painted surfaces are some of the most delicate materials of the car. Because of this Automotive Aptitude uses a “Two bucket wash method” to work as clean as possible. That combined with a foam wash method will create a scratch free wash.

Rinse Bucket

    A bucket with water and a grit guard. The purpose of this bucket is to remove all the dirt from the wash pad to prevent scratching the paint.

Soap Bucket

    A second bucket filled with water, soap, and a grit guard. The purpose of this bucket is to not only remove dirt but add soap to the wash pad for increased lubricity.

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Foam Wash

When washing the paint it is important to reduce the possibility of scratching. Because of this when car cleaning we use both the two-bucket wash method and a foam layer to maintain a safe process. When washing our goal is to minimize scratches. In the event that a scratch is made, it is best to make a straight line. This is because when paint correcting it is much easier to remove straight lines. We go vertically because any vertical lines are much harder to notice. Depending on the condition of the car we also may use a “Pre Foam”


A Pre-Foam is a soapy solution that is sprayed to remove as much dirt as possible before touching the paint. When we normally use a foam cannon we use a gentle solution to increase lubricity. When we lay down a pre-foam our goal is to remove dirt without touching the paint hence a stronger solution. This solution is a higher pH level to touchless clean the paint.

Final Touches

The Finish Line

    Once the entirety of the paint is clean our next step is the final touches. These final steps are to apply any tire shine and clean up any leftover parts.