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    It is always a shame when a stain forms on your seats or anywhere in the car. Automotive Aptitude has a process to remove any and all stains to leave the seats in a much cleaner, better-smelling condition. Seats with a cloth or other materials that can stain tend to be a problem.  Whether it’s dirty seats or dirty steering wheels everything will be left off in a much better condition.


Not A Crumb

    Before anything else, we take a blower and blow all of the dust and dirt from the crevices and tight spots. Sometimes carpets will have some embedded dirt that gets blown out the carpets.

    A lot of the time a good vacuum will transform the look of a car interior. Removing all loose dirt, crumbs, or other things that make the floor dirty is a must.

    After the dirt is gone the actual condition of any stains or other stubborn dirt will be shown.

    Every crevice and crack will get vacuumed to make sure not even a crumb is left behind.

Extraction Shampoo

Whats included?

The Shampoo process starts with the removal of floor mats and any other obstructions. Starting off with the floor mats we rinse them down with water and apply our shampoo solution. Our Solution consists of 10 parts water to 1 part cleaner. Next up we set up our drill brush, and spray down some shampoo.  While the shampoo is doing its thing we start to drill and agitate any of the stains and get everything loosened up. Now that everything is loosened up and ready our next step is extraction.  Our first step is to turn on our Mytee Extractor heating function to warm up the water.  Next up we begin our hot water extraction to remove any stubborn dirt stains and sanitize the material.

Dry Pass

In the extraction process, one of our steps is the dry pass to suck up any cleaning solution and water out of the seat. We do this more often than the wet passes.

Wet Pass

After drilling the shampoo solution into the seat our next step is to rinse the seats clean with hot water. This is done until the grime and extraction contents become clear. One wet pass is done every four dry passes.

Wipe down

    After cleaning out the seats and carpets or any other upholstery our step is to wipe down the freshly cleaned upholstery to help the drying process along.

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Interior Cleaning

Steering Wheel

One of the best things you can do for a car interior detail is to remove all of the dirt, grime, and everything else that rests on your steering wheel. Many studies have shown that steering wheels are not only the dirtiest part of your car with 700 different types of bacteria compared to a toilet with 60 different types of bacteria. Cleaning the steering wheel will go a long way in the interior car detailing process.

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Dashboard And Center Console

     Oftentimes one of the worst parts of your vehicle can be the center console and cup holders. These are brushed and cleaned inside and out. After the center console is done the Dashboard will get a scrub to remove any previous protectants or oils. 

Door Panels

    Using the same process of our dedicated interior cleaner and our brushes we take the necessary steps to clean the door panels of any grime or dirt that settled.

Final Touches

Dashboard And Trim

    Using our dedicated interior protectant to enhance the color and protect the dashboard and trim in the long term. This interior protectant will not only protect the interior but also leave it with a matte sheen that looks much better than the original, dirty interior. After applying this using applicators we allow it to seep into the material and then level it out. This is the last step in a great car interior detail.

The Final Results

Now that everything is cleaned and protected our steps are to stripe the carpets and make sure everything is at its best. A detail like this is very important to maintain your car. Often times car interiors are full of bacteria. On an average car, interiors have more bacteria than a toilet.


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This detail would be a perfect match with either our Clay n’ Seal Package Or our Ceramic Coating Package to retain a like-new feeling